.Why is it worth it

Social-commerse is one of the most effective marketing trends in the 20s of the XXI century. Even short numbers overview shows that selling or creating a brand image directly in social media channels provides possibility of reaching the desired target group. Do you need evidence? Swipe-down.


of respondents declare that Instagram enables them to discover new products and services, 81% declare the application helps them during research about products and services and for 80% it is a support in making a purchase decision. (SocialPress)

of TikTok application downloads in May 2020. This number puts TikTok on the first place in rank of the most often downloaded applications, ahead of WhatsApp or Instagram. The number of downloads so far is impressive.

2 B

19 M

Social Media users are in Poland. It is almost 50% of Poland’s population. Comparing to April 2019, the number of Social Media users increased by 1,4M (7,8%). 97% of users use SoMe in mobile. (Digital Poland 2020, We are Social, Hootsuite)

average that much time daily Poles spend using Social Media. It is 43,8k min. annually. The most popular SoMe channels are YouTube (it is used by 92% of Internet users at age of 16-64), Facebook (-89%), Instagram (-55%), Twitter (-35%), LinkedIn (-26%). (Digital Poland 2020, We are Social, Hootsuite)


1,47 B

of active users on the world daily visit Facebook. In Poland adverts on Facebook reach 49% of the population over 13 years old. (BigCommerce; Digital Poland 2020, We are Social, Hootsuite)

of Instagram users click the shoppable posts every month to read more about the product, 500M of Instagram accounts use the Instagram Stories. Application attracts over 1B of active users every month. (Instagram)

130 M

9,45 B

dollars, according to predictions, TikTok noted in 2019. In 2020 increase in advertising income should be bigger by another 46,6%, do poziomu 13,86 mld dol.to the level of 13,68M dollars. (Wirtualnemedia.pl)

of active TikTok users monthly, who spend average over 1h daily on the platform. In Poland TikTok has about 4,1M users – since the beginning of pandemic the number of users increased by 46%. In this speed of growth, TikTok will be as big as Instagram (7M MAU) in autumn. (Wirtualnemedia.pl)

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