.Chosen Influencers

Nowadays, Influencers are the advert carrier. In the social-commerce campaign, the audience has the biggest meaning. The Influencer’s audience decides about collaboration. SoMe character enables select the optimal Influencers for the desired target group and perform more effectively than in the wide range media.

Name: Cezary
Surname: Pazura
Profession: stage and movie actor, director, cabaret artist and YouTuber
Campaign: HP
Country: Poland

Name: Edyta
Surname: Pazura
Profession: blogger, influencer, Instamom
Campaign: Christmas culinary book for HP, Print to Learn HP
Country: Poland

Name: Filip
Surname: Chajzer
Profession: TV and radio presenter, DD TVN host
Campaigns: iMAGGInation, HP Lhasa
Country: Poland

Name: Izabela
Surname: Janachowska
Profession: dancer, TV presenter, blogger
Campaign: Modern solutions – day with Iza
Country: Poland

Name: Jarosław
Surname: Kuźniar
Profession: TV and radio presenter, traveler, businessman
Campaign: Neverstop for business (HP)

Name: Kamil
Surname: Nożyński
Profession: actor, rapper and band singer
Campaign: For special tasks
Country: Poland

Name: Kamil
Surname: Pawlewski
Profession: fashion blogger
Country: Poland

Name: Katarzyna
Surname: Zielińska
Profession: actress, writer, theater producer
Campaign: Children’s Day with Disney&Biedronka
Country: Poland

Name: Maciej
Surname: Dowbor
Profession: journalist and TV presenter
Campaign: Novanoc
Country: Poland

Name: Maja
Nazwisko: Bohosiewicz
Profession: actress, clothing brand marki odzieżowej, InstaMamaowner, Instamom Kampanie: Patenty dla Instamatek & HP
Country: Poland

Name: Paulina
Surname: Krupińska
Profession: model, TV presenter, DD TVN host
Campaign: Novanoc
Country: Poland

Name: Sonia
Surname: Bohosiewicz
Profession: actress, cabaret artist, Singer, Instamom
Campaign: Patents for Instamoms & HP
Country: Poland